White Paper: The Importance of Data Integrity in Regulated Industries

Most organizations fail to understand the criticality of satisfying data integrity requirements. This is evident when one considers the increasing number of data integrity-related 483s and warning letters issued by the FDA and other regulatory bodies over the last decade. The direct impact of this misunderstanding is that regulators are not able to rely on the provided data to assure the safety, efficacy and quality of drugs.

Download the White Paper here:  White Paper 02_The Importance of Data Integrity in Regulated Industries.pdf

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Need Data Integrity training for your employees?  

Skillpad has a highly successful and widely used "Data Integrity" e-Lesson built for the Pharma industry, complete with real-world scenarios drawn from the experience of our Compliance Team.  You can check out a complete description here: https://www.skillpad.com/data-integrity/data-integrity-for-gxp-regulated-industries