Clinical Inspection Readiness Podcast - Episode 3

In today’s episodeMandy Gervasio and Nathalie Bourgouin (the Vice President of Compliance at Skillpad), are continuing last week’s topic on clinical inspection readiness. This episode is part three in the four-part series. If you haven’t already tuned in to the previous two episodes, be sure to listen to those first before tuning into this one! In episode one, Mandy and Nathalie discussed the initiation phase, and in episode two, they discussed the planning phase. 

This week, they are discussing the execution and monitoring phase of clinical inspection readiness! Nathalie gets into the details of the various considerations and different stages of this phase and breaks down some of the most important key aspects. This phase is all about what to do once the inspector actually arrives — so don’t miss out on learning more about this crucial step!   (Duration: Approximately 15 Minutes)

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