Clinical Inspection Readiness Podcast - Episode 4

In today’s episode, Mandy Gervasio and Nathalie Bourgouin (the Vice President of Compliance at Skillpad), are continuing on the topic of clinical inspection readiness. This episode is the last in the four-part series. If you haven’t already tuned in to the previous three episodes, be sure to listen to those first before tuning into this one! In Part 1 Mandy and Nathalie discussed the Initiation phase, in Part 2 they discussed the Planning phase and in Part 3 they discussed Execution and Monitoring.

This week, they are discussing the Closing phase of clinical inspection readiness! Nathalie discusses the importance of the close-out meeting, provides guidelines for responding to the inspector’s observations and suggests tips for making a useful internal inspection report.  (Duration: approximately 15 minutes)

If you need to train your team for "Clinical Trial Inspection Readiness", check out this e-Lesson